Careers at Neo Majestic

At Neo Majestic hotel, we believe that work is it's own reward. But we also believe that work must get its due reward. So we provide a stable, enjoyable environment that is high on learning and couple it with the opportunity to grow.

Whether you dream of working at either one of our luxury resorts or business hotels, get in touch with us and we'll turn your dream into reality.

What's next

Enjoy our 24 x 7 luxurious services.

Choose to stay at our superior rooms or classy suites. Book a room of your choice at Neo Majestic.

Relax and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, we have lined up for you.

Indulge in a variety of delicious cuisines to match your mood and palate at our 3 different restaurants.

Don't forget to play at our very own Casino Paradise - Goa's largest casino.

And if you have any questions or general queries, contact us.