Play Unlimited at Goa's Largest Casino

Casino Paradise - A 5000 sq.ft haven for gamers

Casino Paradise is one of Goa’s largest and most luxurious casinos, located onshore in Neo Majestic. It offers a plush interior, spread over an area of 5000 square feet, specially designed for uninterrupted gaming and pure pleasure seeking.

Casino Paradise has in store for you the latest and exciting, state-of-the-art digital gaming experience with Digital roulette stations, roulette tables, black jack, baccarat, mini flush and for the first time in India - The Robotic Arm Baccarat station. Plus several electronic slot machines for you to play.

For those with an insatiable gaming spirit and a taste for the most exotic gaming destinations, Casino Paradise, is a gaming haven for you.

So, unwind yourself at Casino Paradise as you soak up the sun, surf and sand in Goa.

Casino paradise also offers free pick up and drop off facility from anywhere in and around Goa. (conditions apply)

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5 of the top international games for you to play.

Our exclusive attraction that lets you unwind after your day's work. Engage in your all time favorites like Baccarat, Black Jack, Mini Flush, State of Roulette Stations and Slot Machines. You never know you might just be lucky!

Baccarat at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

Baccarat (pronounced bah-ca-rah) is simple to master and easy to play but still regarded as the most glamorous, action filled and sophisticated game. Contrary to what many people may think, but Baccarat is simple to learn.


Roulette at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

The word ‘Roulette’ is derived from the French word meaning small wheel. It is believed to have originated in France during the 1700’s. Over the following years and up to today Roulette is still a popular game.


BlackJack at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

This is the most popular game in casinos all around the world.

The objective of the game is that you must have value of cards more than the dealer while remaining within 21 points.


Slot Machines at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

Our Slot Machines are played with a minimum amount of Rs. 10/-
They have buttons for selecting bets & lines including odd, start and payout. You can play with coins as well as notes.


Mini Flush at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

Playing flush in a new style – against the dealer and with a variety of options to win is Mini Flush. It is a dealer conducted game. Dealer deals 3 face down cards to all players and dealer himself.


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