Slot Machines at Goa's Largest Casino

How to play

Our Slot Machines are played with a minimum amount of Rs. 10/-
They have buttons for selecting bets & lines including odd, start and payout. You can play with coins as well as notes.

Each coin is equivalent of Rs. 10/-

It is more convenient to play with notes.
Each Rs.10/- will be displayed as 1 credit.

Press the odd button and check the various lines available on the machine. Select any of these lines keeping in mind the cost of each line is Rs.10/- Choose the number of bets and lines, press start button. For example – If you select 25 lines and bet 1 credit i.e 25*1=25 credits. That means you have a credit of Rs. 250/-

On certain combinations you can win free games. For games no amount will be deducted from the credit. You can choose maximum lines, so that your wining chances are more.

For any information related to jackpots you can get through the odd button.

If you get a minimum of 3 similar combinations with any of the line you have selected your winnings will be according to pay-table.

If you want to discontinue or quit the payout button to collect your coins. (The more you play, the more you win).


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